What is Cleverse?
Cleverse is a Venture Builder. Our team builds several tech companies in various industries with a unified goal (and unified team) of creating an impact using innovation.

Some say the final frontier is space exploration. We say innovation is an exciting alternative. For technology, we explore the new limit of humanity's compound knowledge. For business, the frontier is your imagination. For design, the journey is within.

For us, creating a company is just a means to an end. We believe that a profitable business is an enduring vehicle to drive impact. What Cleverse aim to do best is combining these 3 elements: technology, design, and business to create the product that can make those impacts.


Monetize data insight.

Analyze large data under lots of business constraints.

Make data easily understandable.

Engineer viral campaign using AI
Influencer marketing has become the force of digital marketing. Yet, the mechanics of doing it is left to taste & intuition. It is our belief that data is a necessary complement to human's decision making, so we set out to make a change by creating Blastmetric.

The first Blastmetric product utilizes big data & machine learning to optimize influencer marketing campaign. This is one of the things that machine can outperform human and the first step for our team to help augment human capability.
Transform professional publisher to digital

Design immersive content experience and ad display format while preserving ad effectiveness.

The business that saves print.
When people no longer buy printed magazine, just try to sell it in PDF will not do. Web-based format that put everything in the middle also kills professional publisher's strength. Magazine experience is a unique combination of professional content, high-quality photos & artistic layouts. And we create NEXTCOVER to save that.

Using our experience from Slideblend as the basis, we envision a new web-based content experience that preserved magazine's heart while also reward advertiser with high impact ad format. Our platform's bounce rate is 10x lower than the industry average and our ad format has an 8x higher conversion rate.
Create beautiful slide instantly from content

Cross-platform animation render engine. Intelligent layout "blender".

Let software design presentation
Making presentation beautiful requires artistic skills and lots of efforts. We envisioned a software that user can just enter content and the software can "blend" beautiful slides automatically. The challenge started from how the new presentation editor should work when the software is no longer WYSIWYG. At the time, the mobile trend was just started, but we foresaw the need to make our presentation render engine run cross-platform (mobile and web). We hacked our way through browser render engine to makes animation run fast regardless of mobile performance. Then, we also had to develop a heuristic algorithm (no AI at the time) to beautify the content for the user.
Create impact using innovation.
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About us

Cleverse, a venture builder, with people who have fun building the future. If you also consider building the future a fun and meaningful purpose — let’s find a way we can work together.

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